We put together scores, recordings and learning materials for beginners as well as advanced players.

We organise workshops called “Accordionists’ Exchange of Experience” and teach people how to play the accordion.

We watch for interesting accordion players and music groups. We invite you to concerts that are worth it.

Jindra Kelíšek

Jindra KelíšekI write the articles for the web and put together the sheets and recordings. I do my best for this project to make sense and go in the right direction. It makes me happy when I’m able to persuade someone to write something as well. All this makes even more sense to me since I’ve begun working with Háta and Pepe.

I play the accordion with my group
I teach other how to play the accordion
My friends are musicians

Josef Prexl

autor fotografie: Lukáš HamáčekI’ve got together and take care of the technicalities of the website (wordpress, coding, and other thises and thats).

I earn my living as a freelance web developer – prexl.cz.

When I’m not midning my own business, I play the accordion in a Czech-Polish-Russian-Balkan group Džezvica, and I’m also the man behind the piano in a women’s theatre chanson group Herky. Occasionally, I accompany the songwriter Radek Čihák and Miloš Samek in the puppet show Loutky, které nikde nechtěli / Unwanted Puppets.

My thanks go to Jindra for taking me out into the light from my cave and for kickstarting me now and then; owing to him, I’ve met many interesting people and begun to make my ideas more concrete.

Háta Kreisinger Komňacká

hataMy nit-picking nature is the best endowment i could have for my work of a translator and proofreader. Since I didn’t get enough of that at work, I relish in it here as well, taking care of the English version of the web).

Even though I’m still just an enthusiastic amateur-beginner, playing the accordion has introduced me to many interesting people and given me the courage to embark on unexpected ideas.

You can find more about me and about what I do on my website Kapka v moři (still, unfortunately, only in Czech).


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