Rucksacks, straps, accordionist T-shirts

DSC_6132Are you fed up with heavy suitcases, dragging them around and changing hands after each step? Are you afraid that your ancient straps wont’t hold any longer, or do you want to give yourself a treat and buy new, softly padded ones?

We offer lightweight padded rucksacks in various sizes. We also have accordion straps – short as well as longer ones, all nicely padded. The rucksacks as well as straps are universal and can be used with all brands and sizes of instruments. They’re produced by a Czech company, we use them ourselves and recommend them to our pupils.

internal dimensions (in cm) corresponding accordion size price
36 x 36 x 21 small and diatonic button accordions 1 626 Kč
39 x 39 x 21 60–72 basses 1 804 Kč
44 x 44 x 24 72 basses 1 974 Kč
49 x 44 x 24 80–96 basses 2 028 Kč
51 x 44 x 24 120 basses 2 065 Kč
54 x 48 x 24 100+57 basses 2 304 Kč

size (in cm) corresponding accordion size price
8 x 89–110 96–120 basses 1 184 Kč
6,5 x 77–105 72–120 basses 1033 Kč
7 x 69–90 48–96 basses 1033 Kč
4,5 x 67–81 48–96 basses 811 Kč


As far as the accordionist T-shirts are concerned, you can choose from common sizes and two motives, see the gallery. Aren’t you sure whether the first one is a dragon or an accordion? Read more!



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You can try and pick the goods up in our classroom (Bieblova 9, Praha), or it can be sent by post. Contact us.