Best Known Czech Pub Songs

Do you also feel that even if you have found loads of sheet music on our website, some basic Czech songs are still missing? Today, I’ll try to set it right! I’ll show you three very popular songs that are a must-know for every accordion player.

hospoda-webI prepared two versions of each of these songs for you to choose from: one so easy that really anyone can play it, one a little more difficult, intended for more advanced players. All versions include fingering, which means no more excuses.


Beskyde, Beskyde

Probably the best known song from Moravian Wallachia, sung by both children and adults. Do you know the feeling when the whole pub is singing along? Well, this is exactly the song that will make it happen. The advanced version includes thirds and added bass fill-ins (with fingering). It is advisable not to overdo the tempo; just go ahead and enjoy it!

SCORE (easy version) – PDF  MSCZ
Beskyde Beskyde – easy version

SCORE (advanced version in thirds) – PDF  MSCZ  VideoScore
Beskyde Beskyde – advanced

Live recording od YouTube

Vysoký jalovec (A Tall Juniper Tree)

Let’s stay in Moravia a little longer and play the “Juniper”. The interesting thing about this song is that it has a key change in it. We will start off in C major (part A), then we will tie up the goat in G major (part B) and go back to C major. But no worries, it is all very easy to play and you won’t even notice the modulation (which is what the key change is called).  Again, the advanced version is played in thirds, and I also added a hellish Austrian style outro for those who are really not afraid (part C). After all, it has never been a long way from Moravia to Vienna…

SCORE (easy version) – PDF  MSCZ
Vysoký jalovec – easy

SCORE (advanced version in thirds) – PDF  MSCZ  VideoScore
Vysoký jalovec – advanced

Live recording od YouTube

Co jste hasiči (Firemen, What Have You Done?)

Finally, we will go back to Bohemia to learn maybe the most popular pub song. So get down to work and you will master it in no time.

SCORE (easy version) – PDF  MSCZ
Co jste hasiči – easy

SCORE (advanced version in thirds) – PDF  MSCZ  VideoScore
Co jste hasiči – advanced

This is one of the songs that we practised at the summer accordion workshop.

A few general recommendations to conclude with:

Play dynamically. These are all well-known songs, so changing the loudness of your playing is the first thing that comes to mind if you want to surprise your listeners. Don’t be afraid to play one verse quietly and one verse loudly, for example. It requires a little courage, but the result will be nice…
Tape yourself if you get the feeling that you have mastered everything. Listening to yourself will tell you more than a thousand words.
– Sing along. You may think that you can’t sing, but practice makes perfect – just go ahead and try. First in your bathroom, later in front of your friends. You will see there is nothing to it.
Good luck and have patience!

instructional recording, scores, article | Stanislav Samuel Raška
published on 23/10/2015