Broyges Tantz

I don’t mean to say that the accordion isn’t a great instrument, not at all! But listening to klezmer and hearing a violin or a clarinet, all the more when the player is really good, the awkward black and white keys make me rather sad. Just listen!

The violin sliding gently on the strings… and that’s just the beginning, Tantz play like hell. I hope that you accordionists shall forgive me for recommending a group where there’s no accordion, really chutzpah from me on this web! However, one must sometimes admit the existence of other musical instruments. And you can play Broyges Tantz on accordion as well, don’t fear..

This traditional Jewish dance song is something like Hava Nagila: whoever can’t play nor sing it, shouldn’t go to any Jewish feast. Yet recently, I’ve played it to a mix of scientists from all over the world, and guess who danced to it most wildly: Latino African Americans and a subtle Japanese lady.

SCORES – simple – PDF  MSCZ
– 1st & 2nd voice – PDF MSCZ

instructional recording 110 bpm
Broyges tantz – instructional – 110 bpm

article, scores, instructional recording by | Jindra Kelíšek
published on 11/06/2014