The First Accordion Concert

Music that definitely doesn’t let you sit still, abundant company and jovial atmosphere: this is what it should look like when a tradition is started off on the right foot (even if you’re sitting while playing).

If I were to describe the first accordion concert – organised by Jindra Kelíšek – ultra-briefly, it would be easy: a spirited evening. Musical energy and enthusiasm were indeed common traits of all performers, even though their musical styles don’t fall into the same pigeonhole.

The crammed hall of the theatre club Troníček in Prague was enchanted first by the singer and accordionist (and pianist) Eliška Sýkorová, accompanied by the violoncellist Vojta Nejedlý. She led us to the mountains as well as to a café, to France and to Scandinavia… And we dreamt, hummed along and enjoyed the optimistic mood. This is one of my favourites:

After drinking a glass of wine (or beer) to Eliška’s and Vojta’s honour, the stage was overtaken by the (not only) jazz pianist Ondřej Kabrna and the accordionist Stanislav Samuel Raška, and the audience admired their nimble fingers and masterly technique of playing classical music as well as modern jazz.

At the end – due to a minor alteration to the programme – came the group Sami (Bára Handzušová, Jan Neruda, Antonín Jína and Stanislav Samuel Raška) and started off with their own pieces, disco and tango, performed by an accordion, a piano, percussions and a fretless bass guitar. We just couldn’t sit still!

Once the concert was over, the melodies and rhythms still resonated in our heads – and we didn’t want to go home at all, as one never wants to after such a great event.

So? The first accordion concert of 11/11 was definitely first-class, and if you weren’t there, look forward to the next time!


article | Háta Kreisinger Komňacká
video | Vít Valenta
photos | Jiřina Černíková and Jiří Královec
published on 2/1/2015