French chanson Les Amants d’un Jour

To record this song in an authentic manner, our singer Eliška Sýkorová from Chouette Chevêchette got herself a waitress’s job in a café. She’d waited there for about two months, until at last they came…

6O9A6082_BW_30lOnly then was it possible to get the music and singing recorded. Really, I swear. Just, well, maybe it was Eliška’s cousin. And maybe it was in our favourite Prague’s Café Exil.

One way or another, Eliška is also a very gifted composer and accordionist, and just recently she’s raised enough money for her album Vlaštovky (Swallows), which will include another song featuring Chouette.

Recording from Chouette
Recording from Chouette

Instructional recording 112 bpm
Instructional recording 112 bpm


French lyrics

For starters, I recommend playing only the basic bass tones with the left hand, as in the instructional recording (the scores are a bit more varied for advanced players).

Article, scores and recordings by Jindra Kelíšek
band recording by Chouette
Published on 18/7/2013