Oh, My Son, a famous Czech folk song

A simple Czech folk song with a lesson awaiting us at the end (as usual). Being very well-known, it’s said it was the favourite song of our first Czechoslovak president, T. G. Masaryk, himself of rural background, and several generations of Czech children have been taught to sing it (only would that they all remembered the lesson as well!)

Maroniez Georges Philibert Charles_The Ploughman

A loose translation of the Czech lyrics:

Oh, my son, oh my son, are you at home?
Father is asking you – have you ploughed yet?

I did plough, yes, I did, but too little,
just until the wheel has got broken.

If wheel is broken, get it repaired,
taking care of your things, you have to learn.

live recording
live recording

instructional recording – 70 bpm
instructional recording – 70 bpm

instructional recording – 90 bpm
instructional recording – 90 bpm

notation – simple version – pdfmscz

notation – more complex version – pdfmscz

Article, scores and recordings by Jindra Kelíšek
Published on 24/7/2013