Out of Spite

You can have many different reasons why you want to start playing a musical instrument. I, for example, started playing the accordion out of spite. But don’t be mistaken: even if I wasn’t stubborn, I must say that I always liked the instrument. And so I became a beginner accordionist despite the fact that I turned sixty in December.

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Fiery Rhythms of Hungarian Dance

Monti’s Czardas is a must on the repertoire of every Gipsy band, but it’s equally impressive in more classical renderings. Sparks fly off the dancers’ feet as they move, and if you learn this masterpiece on accordion, vigorous response of the audience is guaranteed!

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The extravagant dance called cancan always stirred up the visitors at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in the poor neighbourhod of Montmartre in Paris. Even though the prudish society prohibited it at first, the dance captivated everyone later on and became a common form of entertainment and amusement.

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A Merry Sea Tune

We’ve already had some sailors’ songs on this web, such as Sailing by Rod Stewart or Toutouig, a lullaby for little sailors from Brittany. Both of them are great, but rather sand and slow. To maintain the balance in the universe, we’ve added a happier one: What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor? Continue reading

Accordion Concert Vol. 2

The Troníček Theatre Club resonated on 10th March once again with energetic, melancholic as well as rather mystical tones of accordions – and not only them. Who could you see and hear at the concert this time?

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Libertango Step-by-step

The famous Libertango by Astor Piazzolla! A must for every advanced accordionist. Do you dare? Let’s try it together. There are lots of arrangements and I would like to show you one that even includes improvisation. Here’s a short guide. Continue reading