Herbert Pixner

It is a mystery to me, whether some people with inner overpressure (and musical talent) necessarily arrive over time to playing the devilish mutation of the accordion – the diatonic accordion – or whether their frantic lifestyle is the consequence of playing this instrument. But honestly, what does the choice of a musical instrument tell about ourselves?

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The First Accordion Concert

Music that definitely doesn’t let you sit still, abundant company and jovial atmosphere: this is what it should look like when a tradition is started off on the right foot (even if you’re sitting while playing). Continue reading

The Time of Falling Walls

The time of falling walls, cutting the barbed wires… Twenty-five years ago, the time was full of critical events. But is this a reason for writing songs even today? We tend to forget that barbed-wire fences still remain in many parts of the world. One of such places is Egypt.
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Spreys de Mir

Sometimes people aren’t quite sure what klezmer exactly is, where it comes from or how to play it. It has always attracted me incredibly: its rhythms provoking me and melodies ringing in my ears for days. I decided to undergo a little investigation, I read a lot about it, and I played in two klezmer music groups afterwards, to absorb its atmosphere. Continue reading

The Rains of Castamere

Castles, sharp swords, knights and dragons, plotting and blood – The Game of Thrones series offers more than enough of all that. For the grim atmosphere of a song about punished rebellion, the deep and booming basses of the accordion are just perfect. Continue reading

Smile Please!

Half of the new school year almost over, vacation and summer holidays long gone, damp and cold weather coming – in such moments, it’s absolutely necessary to cheer yourself up and get ready for practising’n’playing! Continue reading

Song on the Edge

How to express it? Thinking about edges, you feel that they’re sharp, that they mean borders, where the smallest step can change everything. And in your head, it all begins: the idea is first, it is what leads us – leads us to our inner balance that enables us stand even on a thin rope. Continue reading

Accordion Jam

This is to let you know that at the summer accordionists’ workshop at the beginning of August 2014, we enjoyed a sweet time, no matter what kind of jam you prefer!

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