I’d like to ask all accordionists who are making themselves ready for a cruise far away over the sea: what to do, when the weather is favourable, the sails are pulled up, and the keel cleaves the waves in two exact halves?

What else than sit down comfortably on a pack of spare sails, play Sailing by Rod Stewart and look into the distance at the setting sun.

Rod Stewart sings it in H major, but one doesn’t want to play with five dieses, do they? It’s better in C major, just a halftone higher… but who would want to sing so high? If I were to choose, I’d go for F major.

But what about all this transposing and other oddities of score-making? I’ve used Sailing as an example for the short how-to-do article Scores hatching.

SCORES – in C major – PDF   MSCZ
SCORES – in F major – PDF   MSCZ

instructional recording in F major 60 bpm
Sailing – instructional – 60 bpm

sponsor of the article | Dan Jakeš
scores, instructional recording, article | Jindra Kelíšek
translation | Háta Kreisinger Komňacká
published on 15/1/2014