Some scores by Radůza II.

Just a year ago, I couldn’t give you the name even of a single song by Radůza, but thanks to the previous article with her scores, I have a number of my favourite ones..

I have found my way to the accordion not a long time ago. When I discovered that it doesn’t necessarily have to weigh over 20 pounds and that you can play a smaller instrument, I didn’t hesitate for a minute (literally) and bought my first little accordion online, sold by someone who wanted to make room in their attic. It seized me immediately. Suddenly, I had an instrument in my hands that plays almost by itself, because the accompaniment is provided by a few buttons. As I had gone through a first cycle of piano at the musical school, I thought that it must be a piece of cake. However, controlling the dynamic of the bellows, when the keys work as mere switches, requires a different technique of play. After my first attempts at playing some pieces from the Amélie and the subsequent purchase of a bit larger and less off-key instrument, I started to take lessons.

The following scores are based on Jindra’s semifinished materials, which I completed and set out in Musescore. There is a plenty of songs by Radůza and I hope to write down some more in the future.

Bylo nebylo – PDF  MuseScore  VideoScore

Ať není mi líto – PDF  MuseScore  VideoScore

Až kočka zapřede – PDF  MuseScore  VideoScore

Dnes v noci nad světy – PDF  MuseScore  VideoScore

Have a look at the first article with other scores of songs by Radůza.

article | Petra Kalinová
scores | Petra Kalinová, Petr Noháč, Jindra Kelíšek
published on 2/1/2015