Accordion Concert Vol. 2

The Troníček Theatre Club resonated on 10th March once again with energetic, melancholic as well as rather mystical tones of accordions – and not only them. Who could you see and hear at the concert this time?

The colourful musical performance was opened by the songwriter Mirek Kemel, accompanied by Vlastimil Konopiský (guitar, violin), Tomáš Görtler (accordion) and Josef Prexl (percussions). Their playful, sometimes jolly and sometimes nostalgic lyrics and melodies tuned us into a poetic mood.

Also poetic, but quite differently, was the second part of the performance – an abstract, innovative and unusual combination of accordion, vocals and pulsating electronic sounds by Žaneta Vítová and Erika Stárková.


They were followed again by Mirek Kemel and his band – not to mention the necessary chatting and talks over a glass of something good afterwards.

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report by | Háta Kreisinger Komňacká
photos by | Jiřina Černíková
published on 30/03/2015