Six-times-distilled Polkka

A mistype in the headline? Nope! That’s how you write polka the Finnish way. And how is such polkka to be played?

You probably know Finnish vodka (from ads, of course). Don’t forget reindeers, lakes, the Laplanders, Janne Ahonen the ski jumper and Mika Häkkinen the racing driver, the Winter War, the hockey team, the epic poem Kalevala, a number of metal bands, the Moomins, Mika Waltari and his historical novels, sauna and Joulupukki… and the Finnish accordion!

Really, did you know that? That the Finnish play the accordion, and damn well? And that they even organise a great accordion players’ competition with a tradition of many years? Does it make you want to learn Finnish and head north?

Taste yourself: a trio of accordionists Maria Kalaniemi, Maija Karhinen and Riitta Kossi and their crystal-clear Finnish polkka on ice!

Heats one up, doesn’t it?

However, the Finnish accordion takes up other, far less traditional forms, like Kimmo Pohjonen. Or Maria Kalaniemi, who can be seen in the video – also an interesting musical personality, going its own way… but let’s leave that for some other time.

(By the way, do you know why the Finnish are so fond of the button accordion? Look at how Finnish is written… all the dots!)

article by | Háta Kreisinger Komňacká
published on 25/02/2015