Some scores by Radůza

If you are a Czech lover of accordion music, and all the more if you’re learning how to play it, surely you would know Radůza. However, searching for her songs yields usually only lyrics with chord names. I therefore transcribed several of her songs into scores, with her consent.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I made these transcriptions in fact for my first pupil called Vráťa. A long time ago, at the grammar school. They were also the very first songs I dealt with in this way. A real drudgery and psycho to listen to them a thousand times, but I learned a lot during the process.

Půjdu kam chci (I’ll Go Where I Will)
Oh, madame (Oh, Madamme)
Mikuláš (St. Nicholas)
Žlutý gladioly (Yellow Sword-liles)
Ráno (Morning)
Jednou to pomine (One Day It’ll Be Gone)

They are simple scores of singing and playing the accordion – melodic lines with chords. The accompaniments on accordion for the left hand are easy to catch and can be simplified. It’s out of the question to get everything into the scores; for example, a complicated phrasing of vocals is sometimes only possible to catch from the singing itself and “get into it”. This is the most important thing for playing and singing of songs (and not only those by Radůza): to be able to listen. The scores become just a tool then.

I still have “some scores by Radůza” waiting in the wings, but someone would have to spur me on to convert them into a publishable form :-)

Article and scores by Jindra Kelíšek
Published on 18/7/2013