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Best Known Czech Pub Songs

Do you also feel that even if you have found loads of sheet music on our website, some basic Czech songs are still missing? Today, I’ll try to set it right! I’ll show you three very popular songs that are a must-know for every accordion player. Continue reading

Out of Spite

You can have many different reasons why you want to start playing a musical instrument. I, for example, started playing the accordion out of spite. But don’t be mistaken: even if I wasn’t stubborn, I must say that I always liked the instrument. And so I became a beginner accordionist despite the fact that I turned sixty in December.

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Broyges Tantz

I don’t mean to say that the accordion isn’t a great instrument, not at all! But listening to klezmer and hearing a violin or a clarinet, all the more when the player is really good, the awkward black and white keys make me rather sad. Just listen! Continue reading


I’d like to ask all accordionists who are making themselves ready for a cruise far away over the sea: what to do, when the weather is favourable, the sails are pulled up, and the keel cleaves the waves in two exact halves? Continue reading

Five-finger Songs

I used to believe it was stupid to teach people play simple children’s songs for five fingers. Yet it isn’t stupid at all. In fact, it’s one of the best ways – and not just for beginners – to learn how to handle your musical instrument. Continue reading

The Greatest Czech Pub Song Ever

We Czechs have, like every nation, a few pub songs that really everybody knows. Which is the most popular? Co jste hasiči / What Did You Firemen… But I don’t like this one very much, it’s rather too drunken. Another guess? What’s the second most popular Czech pub song? Na Pankráci, na malém vrrršíííčku / On the small hill on Pankrác… More about real life. Continue reading

Oh, My Son, a famous Czech folk song

A simple Czech folk song with a lesson awaiting us at the end (as usual). Being very well-known, it’s said it was the favourite song of our first Czechoslovak president, T. G. Masaryk, himself of rural background, and several generations of Czech children have been taught to sing it (only would that they all remembered the lesson as well!)

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Dirty Old Town

An Irish love song – about love for a town. Yes, maybe there are more than a few filthy corners, old factories and chimneys, facades flaking off and rusty bridges, but still you love it, because you’re at home here.

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