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Song on the Edge

How to express it? Thinking about edges, you feel that they’re sharp, that they mean borders, where the smallest step can change everything. And in your head, it all begins: the idea is first, it is what leads us – leads us to our inner balance that enables us stand even on a thin rope. Continue reading

Broyges Tantz

I don’t mean to say that the accordion isn’t a great instrument, not at all! But listening to klezmer and hearing a violin or a clarinet, all the more when the player is really good, the awkward black and white keys make me rather sad. Just listen! Continue reading

A Sunday Smile

It doesn’t happen that often to me, just once a year perhaps. It occurs by chance, without looking for it, suddenly it comes to me – a piece of music I want to listen to over and over again. I just can’t get enough…

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Honey in the Hair

The noble parallel of life and music is impossible to overlook: in life,  after each long period of undisturbed peace, one craves for a frantic change in the burdensome mundanity; likewise in music, during a once-again dully brilliant performance of klezmer philharmonics, a listener often feels an itch to jump up, spill the rest of his drink on the backs of those standing around and release the dangerous overpressure through convulsive movements.
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The terrible murder of Danda the nail maker

As many (or most?) cities in the past and present, Prague hasn’t always been just a city of kings, but also a city of all kinds of rogues and scoundrels. Worst off were usually those at the bottom, like Danda the nail maker form our song, who – after a hard day’s work – goes to have a pint or two…

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