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A Popular Accordionist’s Journey

I’ve always liked the accordion. You can play just a little and still make a lot of fun. And I’ve always wanted to play to entertain people and enjoy myself in company. How to do that? What do you need for an accordionist’s coming out? Pull at the bellows, keep pace, play the basses with your left, sing, play the melody with your right hand, and most importantly – pretend it’s nothing all the time! Continue reading

Out of Spite

You can have many different reasons why you want to start playing a musical instrument. I, for example, started playing the accordion out of spite. But don’t be mistaken: even if I wasn’t stubborn, I must say that I always liked the instrument. And so I became a beginner accordionist despite the fact that I turned sixty in December.

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Smile Please!

Half of the new school year almost over, vacation and summer holidays long gone, damp and cold weather coming – in such moments, it’s absolutely necessary to cheer yourself up and get ready for practising’n’playing! Continue reading

The Taming of the Draccordion

The chilly winter wind kept sweeping through the valley like draught in a deserted house. It whizzed, pinched the travellers’ cheeks and there was no place to hide from it, however hard the three adventurers might try, and even though they wore heavy woolen cloaks. When the road turned at last and began to descend in a glen towards the blinking lights of a village, they prompted their ponies to an even greater hurry. A while later, they dismounted in front of a small but cosy-looking inn and looked at each other.

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Accordion According to Picasso

Who did the famous artist think about when painting this picture? Whether it was some ragged busker, whom he used to meet on the pavement and give him change, or anyone else, Picasso managed to express perfectly in his Cubist depiction the character of this musical instrument: incoherence, vagueness. Continue reading