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A Merry Sea Tune

We’ve already had some sailors’ songs on this web, such as Sailing by Rod Stewart or Toutouig, a lullaby for little sailors from Brittany. Both of them are great, but rather sand and slow. To maintain the balance in the universe, we’ve added a happier one: What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor? Continue reading

Libertango Step-by-step

The famous Libertango by Astor Piazzolla! A must for every advanced accordionist. Do you dare? Let’s try it together. There are lots of arrangements and I would like to show you one that even includes improvisation. Here’s a short guide. Continue reading

Spreys de Mir

Sometimes people aren’t quite sure what klezmer exactly is, where it comes from or how to play it. It has always attracted me incredibly: its rhythms provoking me and melodies ringing in my ears for days. I decided to undergo a little investigation, I read a lot about it, and I played in two klezmer music groups afterwards, to absorb its atmosphere. Continue reading

The Rains of Castamere

Castles, sharp swords, knights and dragons, plotting and blood – The Game of Thrones series offers more than enough of all that. For the grim atmosphere of a song about punished rebellion, the deep and booming basses of the accordion are just perfect. Continue reading

Song on the Edge

How to express it? Thinking about edges, you feel that they’re sharp, that they mean borders, where the smallest step can change everything. And in your head, it all begins: the idea is first, it is what leads us – leads us to our inner balance that enables us stand even on a thin rope. Continue reading

Broyges Tantz

I don’t mean to say that the accordion isn’t a great instrument, not at all! But listening to klezmer and hearing a violin or a clarinet, all the more when the player is really good, the awkward black and white keys make me rather sad. Just listen! Continue reading

Accordion Disco

Not many people are bold enough to play the accordion and pick styles not typical of it, such as disco. I am, and therefore I’d decided to record the popular hit Crazy Frog in a version for  the accordion and percussion. Continue reading