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The Last Fiery Java

La Der des Der, a song by a French singer named Fréhel, will seize you with its clear melody and buoyance. Its name derives from French “la dernière des dernières“, which can be translated as “the last of the last”. If you look deeper into its history, you’ll also find that there are interesting facts which mingle in it. Continue reading

Walking Back and Forth

The song called Pozoruji (Watching) was one of my first compositions for the accordion, which I got as a present for my 18th birthday. As I had already mastered piano, I “just” had to add bass buttons and bellows. Phew. And the watching song was born. Continue reading

If Bach Could Play the Accordion

There’s no doubt that Johann Sebastian Bach would have composed mainly for the accordion. But unluckily, he couldn’t, because he was born in a time when the accordion had not yet been invented, and as far as keyboards are concerned, he had to manage with the piano, organ and cembalo. However, not everything is lost: Jana Bezpalcová has prepared one of Bach’s minuets for us, so the baroque music can glimmer in a new light. Continue reading


I’d like to ask all accordionists who are making themselves ready for a cruise far away over the sea: what to do, when the weather is favourable, the sails are pulled up, and the keel cleaves the waves in two exact halves? Continue reading

A Lullaby for Little Sailors

The waves are roaring outside, but at home, in a small stony cottage, there’s no wind and all is well in mummy’s arms. The small Yannick – or Dewi or Marzhin, who knows – will grow up one day and get used to being lulled to sleep by the sway of a ship’s deck, but these days, he can still slumber in a dry and warm room, listening to a swinging song.

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Five-finger Songs

I used to believe it was stupid to teach people play simple children’s songs for five fingers. Yet it isn’t stupid at all. In fact, it’s one of the best ways – and not just for beginners – to learn how to handle your musical instrument. Continue reading

Chosen Kala Mazel Tov

We have a music group which plays at weddings, but however hard we might try, nobody has yet invited us for a Jewish wedding. It’s a pity, because I’d really be interested… one doesn’t visit a Jewish wedding every day, do they? Continue reading

A Sunday Smile

It doesn’t happen that often to me, just once a year perhaps. It occurs by chance, without looking for it, suddenly it comes to me – a piece of music I want to listen to over and over again. I just can’t get enough…

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Irish Jigs

Distinctive music, distinctive dances, a distinctive landscape. I’ve never been to Ireland, yet as it happens, my idea of the country is very clear. Apart from the beer and the sheep on the emerald-green background, there’s this damp and drizzly weather all the time, so the musicians have to play very, very swiftly and the dancers have to jump very, very high to warm themselves, at least for a while.

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Jazz Invention

A true Accordionist wouldn’t always want to play all those rather worn-out songs, would they? To grant the wishes of those harder-to-please, we have something special for you today, real „icing on  the cake“.

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