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Herbert Pixner

It is a mystery to me, whether some people with inner overpressure (and musical talent) necessarily arrive over time to playing the devilish mutation of the accordion – the diatonic accordion – or whether their frantic lifestyle is the consequence of playing this instrument. But honestly, what does the choice of a musical instrument tell about ourselves?

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The First Accordion Concert

Music that definitely doesn’t let you sit still, abundant company and jovial atmosphere: this is what it should look like when a tradition is started off on the right foot (even if you’re sitting while playing). Continue reading

The Time of Falling Walls

The time of falling walls, cutting the barbed wires… Twenty-five years ago, the time was full of critical events. But is this a reason for writing songs even today? We tend to forget that barbed-wire fences still remain in many parts of the world. One of such places is Egypt.
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My three picks

Have you, too, always been so excited every time you come for a visit to somebody for the first time and peep into their shelf with CDs (sometimes even casettes or LPs)? Although this happens rarely nowadays, it’s a perfect way to get to know people – and you usually find some music you’ve never heard (of). Continue reading