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Indifférence and Mike Wolk

It’s 11:00 AM Saturday morning. The air is very chilly by the stone wall below the Vodocet at Vyton. I’m now into the trio of Tony Murena’s “Indifference” and coins have been dropping into my case at a steady rate. My fingers feel pretty sluggish from the cold, but I’m getting through the difficult parts without too much trouble and people are obviously enjoying it. Continue reading

The Rains of Castamere

Castles, sharp swords, knights and dragons, plotting and blood – The Game of Thrones series offers more than enough of all that. For the grim atmosphere of a song about punished rebellion, the deep and booming basses of the accordion are just perfect. Continue reading

A Sunday Smile

It doesn’t happen that often to me, just once a year perhaps. It occurs by chance, without looking for it, suddenly it comes to me – a piece of music I want to listen to over and over again. I just can’t get enough…

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Honey in the Hair

The noble parallel of life and music is impossible to overlook: in life,  after each long period of undisturbed peace, one craves for a frantic change in the burdensome mundanity; likewise in music, during a once-again dully brilliant performance of klezmer philharmonics, a listener often feels an itch to jump up, spill the rest of his drink on the backs of those standing around and release the dangerous overpressure through convulsive movements.
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