Accordion School, Prague and Brno

What makes people want to learn how to play the accordion? Your interest may be spurred by various things. Perhaps you found an old grandpa’s accordion in the attic. Or you’ve just discovered some fantastic player or a band. People often like how the instrument breathes and vibrates. One listens to Richard Galliano, another to Edith Piaf. Maybe you love jazz, of prefer country. Perhaps you want to have a band, perhaps you just enjoy playing for yourself…

You can have various motivations. Our task is to help you find a way to fulfilling your musician’s dream.

The lecturers? Any accordion school is about people, first of all, about experienced teachers. There are more of us, because everyone is different and prefers a different approach to learning. Our lecturers are not just teachers, they live with music, play in bands, teach at workshops, write articles for our website. They will share with you their practical experience, which is the most valuable thing one can get from any teacher. CHOOSE ONE FOR YOURSELF!

Where do we teach (Prague & Brno)
Our lecturers teach all over Prague, and we also have one teacher in Brno. However, our “headquarters“ are located at Bieblova 9, Prague, near the Anděl metro station (exit Na Knížecí). There are two classrooms here, where you don’t need to be afraid to pull the bellows and let them roar!

How does it work?
It’ easy, contact us, we’ll arrange the time and date of your first lesson to meet, talk, play and tell each other what exactly we expect.
If you decide to go on with us, we’ll fing time for regular lessons once a week, or we can agree on irregular consultations, if you need something more flexible (the drawback is that it’s sometimes difficult to agree on a certain time and date).

The „cancel-at-least-24-hours-in-advance“ rule
If you don’t manage to cancel your lesson at least 24 hours in advance, you’ll have to pay for it nonetheless. We understand that anything can happen, but the same strict rule appplies to us as well. If we don’t apologise in time, you’ll have the next lesson for free.

Possibility to borrow or buy an instrument
New pupils contact us now and then, saying that they’d like to learn how to play, but they don’t have their own instrument yet. They aren’t sure whether they’ll stick with the accordion, and don’t have any idea what instrument to choose. To make it easier for beginners – not only our own pupils – to start, we offer to lend you an accordion for a monthly fee of about 1000 CZK (depending on the type of the instrument) + refundable deposit amounting to half the price of the instrument. Should you like one of our instruments so much that you’d want to own it, we can also agree on its sale.

Singing lessons
Do you like to sing while playing a musical instrument? Or are you afraid that your voice is far from perfect, and you feel shy? If you’d like to improve your singing technique, arrange lessons with singer Eliška Sýkorová in our classroom. The lessons will be focused on singing preparation and relaxation of vocal chords, as well as interpretation of your favourite songs.

Accordionists’ anti-performances and weekend workshops
We organise so called anti-performances – evening accordionists’ meetings of (not only) our pupils, which take place in Prague, and for players from all over there are weekend workshops with experienced musicians.