The terrible murder of Danda the nail maker

As many (or most?) cities in the past and present, Prague hasn’t always been just a city of kings, but also a city of all kinds of rogues and scoundrels. Worst off were usually those at the bottom, like Danda the nail maker form our song, who – after a hard day’s work – goes to have a pint or two…


… and as you could expect, comes to a bitter end. You can listen to the story yourself (if you understand Czech :-) ), sung by probably the oldest Bohemian music group Hudba u města Vídně, founded already in 1913!



Cvočkář Danda – HuměV
Cvočkář Danda – HuměV

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Article by Háta Kreisinger Komňacká
Published on 11/9/2013