There are études… and études

Unbelievable! While learning to play the accordion, you can meet a sad clown, sing with a French lady, dance with robots or have fun at a Balkanese wedding

We all know you don’t get any skill for free. Still, hearing the word “étude” can give you goosebumps (and even bad conscience, perhaps). That must change! Etudes shouldn’t be any boring drill, but adventurous voyages to unexplored lands.

etudy-obrazek2-webWhen you play one of the Easy études for accordion by Sam Raška, you can visit Moravia, an Egyptian marketplace, a Baroque ball or the Medieval times, try waltz, blues as well as disco – and practice all the important necessary skills, fingerings, embellishments, rhythm and phrasing, at the same time. If you want to make sure what any individual etude should sound like, you can listen to a recording by the author himself. Whether big or small, you’ll be surprised how easy can your learning get thanks to the imaginative titles and nice pictures!

Who are the Easy études for accordion most suitable for?
for beginners as well as advanced players
for adult amateur players
for pupils of art schools

The book of scores contains 35 études. Three of them are published here, together with the accompanying instructional recordings.

1. Nature calling



17. Arrival of a jaunty king


Arrival of a Jaunty King

22. Dance



Don’t have the Easy études on your music stand yet? Easily remedied!

Let us know.

You can get them for 10 € + postage, or you can pick them up at our classroom in Prague, 9 Bieblova st.). The instructional recordings of all études will be available to you for download in the .mp3 format.

If you purchased just the book of scores and would like to get the recordings as well, you can have them for 4 €.

We also have a special offer for musical schools – what about a workshop led by the author? A presentation of the études, jazz improvisation methodology, or a recital… As you wish!