Topical autumn song about… coughing

You have a sore throat and with every moment you feel more and more like coughing, but now? Impossible, how embarassing would it be in this situation! The atmosphere is ripe with expectation…

So in the end you start coughing, and try as you might, you can’t stop it, choking.

Anička from our song had the same problem – and it wasn’t some innocent little cough in the silence during a pause in a concert. Delicate situtaion, don’t you think?


Anička, dušička,
aby mňa u těba

Anička, my dear soul,
don’t you cough
or they’ll find me here –
and enough!

Only few people know that the name of the model from the famous painting by Gustav Klimt was Anička and that the painting was originally to be called “Suppressing Cough”…

SCORES – bass techniques – PDF  MSCZ

SCORES – melodic solo – PDF   MSCZ

swift arranged recording
Anička dušička – swiftly

instructional recording 75 bpm
Anička dušička – instructional – 75 bpm

You’ll find a lot in the scores, such as some rather difficult bass techniques for the left hand or a hellish solo in semiquavers. But – of course – you can play just the simple bass accompaniment a you don’t have to play the solo at all. And when you sing and cough a little, it’s a nice easy song, isn’t it?


Author of the scores and recordings Stanislav Samuel Raška
Article by Jindra Kelíšek
Published on 2/12/2013