Walking Back and Forth

The song called Pozoruji (Watching) was one of my first compositions for the accordion, which I got as a present for my 18th birthday. As I had already mastered piano, I “just” had to add bass buttons and bellows. Phew. And the watching song was born.
Eliška a VojtaI have always liked French and always disliked revealing much of myself in songs, which led me to write my first composing attempts in a jumble of various languages, so that the listener would understand as little of them as possible. In fact, neither I myself did understand the meaning of these lyrics at first, but as the time passes, I have witnessed that the full understanding comes with a few years’ delay. Sometimes I feel that all the music already exists somewhere in the interspace and you just record it, putting it on paper.

For giving you access to these scores, however, someone else deserves credit. I’m not very much into the technical side of music and all those programmes, but Petra is. We met each other in a car on the road to the winter accordionists’ workshop 2014. I told my companions about my new experience with teaching people sing, which I’d begun with recently. On our way back, when I woke up in Prague, Petra asked me if I would try a lesson with her. A few lessons later, she wanted to learn one of my songs. An the next time, just by-the-by, she produced the scores, saying she enjoys the transcribing! I was glad, because I could never put them down so nicely. It’s great when programmers and other such tech-types go in for music. That’s what I enjoy – everybody finding themselves in what they like! (Anyway, Petra’s singing gets better and better :-))


a recording from the album Vlaštovky
accordion and vocals – Eliška Sýkorová
violoncello – Vojta Nejedlý

Pozoruji – recording from album Vlaštovky

Czech/French lyrics:

chodím sem a tam
po ulici plné nářků
stojí tam tak drze sám

j’observe le temps
suis désolée de ta lettre
Dieu n’est pas savant
c’est ce qu’on apelle être

tu sens le soleil au ciel
couteau aigu
doux comme le miel
tu le sens
comme la vie est belle

tu vois les hommes
allant dans les rues
le vent se lève
il fait de bruit
il prend le toit
il apporte la nuit

stojím tu a stojím tam
na pavučince jemné
pod sebe se nekoukám
je tam světlo temné

j’observe les gens
ne ferme pas la fenêtre
leur Dieu n’est pas savant
c’est ce qu’on apelle être

tu sens le soleil…

free English translation:

walking back and forth
on a street full of crying
he’s standing there alone so boldly

not seeing
not listening
I say

watching the weather
sadness from a letter
God doesn’t know
that’s what we call being

you feel the sun
sharp knife
sweet as honey
you feel
how beautiful the life is

you see people
in the streets
wind is rising

it’s noisy
takes the roof off
brings the night

standing here and there
on a fine cobweb
not looking under my feet
it’s dark light down there

watching the passers-by
don’t shut the window
their God doesn’t know
that’s what we call being

you feel the sun…


song and article by | Eliška Sýkorová
scores by | Petra Kalinová
published on 12/05/2014